Internet Browser Settings: Cookies

The use of special cookies is the most common way that banking systems can uniquely ‘remember’ (or register) the device or computer that you normally use to access your accounts. Whenever you connect to online banking, the system uses these encoded cookies to verify that this is one of the registered computers which you use for access. If that cookie is not present, then the system understands there is a greater risk that your credentials may be under the control of someone other than you, so the system requires you to receive and enter a one-time Secure Access Code.  This code can be delivered to your phone number, mobile device, or e-email account.  You will also have the opportunity to register the computer being used to avoid having to receive a Secure Access Code each time you log in.

Browser support is subject to change without notice, so we encourage end users to configure browsers for automatic updates. Use the latest version of your browser for the most secure experience. Any browsers not listed below should be considered unsupported.

Browsers  Windows Mac OS X
Google Chrome (Current and previous two versions) Recommended Recommended
Mozilla Firefox (Current and previous two versions) Supported Supported
Microsoft Edge (Current and previous version)  Supported Unsupported
Safari (Current and previous two versions)  Unsupported Supported

For the most secure and consistent experience on mobile devices and tablets, download our Android or Apple application from your app store.

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