StockYards Bank & Trust Online Cash Management eGuide - page 11

Your OnlineActivity transaction statusmay vary from item to item. Tohelp you
better understandwhat eachof theOnlineTransactionStatus termsmean,
we’ve includedahelpful guide touseas yougrowaccustomed to the feature.
Any transactiongeneratedonline that has been initiatedwithin the
lastweek or is ina status that still allows action tobe taken.
Any transaction that has beenput inapending (Drafted) stateby
theuser andneeds tobeeither approvedor cancelledbefore the
cut-off time.
Whena transaction, suchas funds transfer, has beenapproved
by auserwithapproval rights, the transactiondisplays in the
Authorizedcategory inOnlineActivity.
Authorized indicates that you
are ready for your financial institution to process the transaction.
Whena transaction, suchas funds transfer, has beencancelledby
auser from theTransactionDetails page, the transactiondisplays
in theCancelledcategory inOnlineActivity.
Any transaction(s) that
have been approvedmay be cancelled unless the transaction is in a
“processed” status.
Whena transaction, suchas funds transfer, has beenapprovedby
auserwithapproval rights and then later processedby your
financial institution, the transactiondisplays in theProcessed
category inOnlineActivity.
Any transaction thatmight havebeenunsuccessful, or does not fall
under theprevious categories.
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