StockYards Bank & Trust Online Cash Management eGuide - page 23

Recipients are persons or businesses towhich your ACHOriginations or
Wire Transfers are sent. In order to use theACH/Wire feature, youmust
first create recipients. Each recipient entry contains the recipient’s bank
information, their account andwhether it will be a debit or credit.
Click the
link to begin.
1 | Select
2 | The secondary screenwill display required fields pertaining to the new recipient.
To create an International Recipient, click in the box provided. To create a payment
for a recipient, click
. To receive a noticewhen a payment has been
processed, select
Send E-mail Notification
. Click
when finished.
3 |When choosing to add an International Recipient, be aware that the required fields
will change.
Note: International Recipients can only be used for international wires.
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