StockYards Bank & Trust Online Cash Management eGuide - page 3

AQuickandEasyGuide to
Welcome!Whether you’reat home, atworkor on the road,wearehere for you
24hoursaday, 7daysaweekwithourBusinessOnlineBankingandBill Pay-
ment services.
Thisguide isdesigned tohelpanswer your questionsabout howBusiness
OnlineBankingcanhelpmanage your financesonline. Inaddition toaccessing
your account informationand transferring fundsonline, you’ll alsobeable to
export account information tofinancialmanagement softwareandpay your
bills. After becomingaBusinessOnlineBankingmember, you’ll find youareable
to reduce theamount of time spentmanaging your finances.
Welcome, andwehope youenjoy thisquickandconvenient guide toBusiness
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