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OnlineBankingSafety Tips
Ensure your web browser, operating system, anti-virus software and other
applications are current and support 128-bit encryption.
Memorize your passwords.
Exit your Online Banking sessionwhen finished.
Do not leave your computer unattendedwhen logged intoOnline Banking.
Do not use public computers or unsecuredWiFi when accessingOnline
If you receive an error when logged into your Online Banking account, report
the error to customer service.
By followingour tips, OnlineBankingcanbea safeandefficientmethod for
handling your bankingneeds.
User IdentificationandPassword
Security starts at your computer. Never share your login IDor passwordwith
anyone.Make sure your password is hard toguess by combining random
numbers and letters insteadof using your birthdate, pet’s nameor other
obvious clues.
SecureSockets Layer Encryption (SSL)
This technology scrambles dataas it travels between your computer and your
bank, making it difficult for anyone toaccess your account information. SSL is
a trustedmethodof securing internet transactions.
Browser Registration
Inaddition to your personal password security, wehaveaddedadditional
securitymeasureswithBrowser Registration. Browser Registration
strengthens the safeguards inplaceat loginby addingadditional steps to
verify your identity. Although theseenhancements arebenefiting youand your
security, youprobablywill not notice themduring your regular day-to-day
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