StockYards Bank & Trust Online Cash Management eGuide - page 7

GettingStarted& Logging In
What is aSecureAccessCode?ASecureAccessCode is aone-timeusecode,
that allows you to securely login toour OnlineBanking system. It is delivered
to you viaemail, phonecall or SMS text. SecureAccessCodes arealsoused
if youdelete the security certificateor “cookie” thatwe’ve storedon your
computer, or if you request login fromadevicenot set up for repeateduse.
Choosing “activatemy computer for later use” authorizes us to storea security
certificateon your computerwhichwill speedup the verificationprocess in the
future, andeliminate theneed touseaSecureAccessCodeduringeach login.
If this is your first time logging in, enter your Login ID, leave the “Password” field
blank, check the “I ama First TimeUser” box andclick Login. Select onemethod
from the list that youcan immediately access andour systemwill deliver youa
temporarySecureAccessCodewithinminutes. Youwill beprompted tocreatea
If youchoose tohave your secureaccess codedelivered viaemail, you
canexpect to receive your codewithinmoments. Should younot see your
codeappear in your inbox, check your junkmail folder tomake sure it
Note: If all of thecontact informationwehaveon file is inaccurateor out-of-
date, youcannot proceedany further. Pleasecontact us toprovideupdated
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