StockYards Bank & Trust Online Cash Management eGuide - page 8

Account Overview
1 | Clickanyof themenu items toexpandor collapseeachdrop-down item.
2 | If youhaveanyunreadSecureMessages, itwill be indicatedhere.
3 | Hover over theQuickAction Icon next to your account to viewa
varietyof standardoptions.
A link to thehistoryof that account.
Account Inquiry:
Senda shortmessage to inquireabout acertainaccount.
View thedetailsof that account.
Transfer From:
A transfer from that account.
Transfer To:
A transfer to that account.
Print the transactionhistoryof that account.
Account Overviewwill provide youwithaquick viewof your accounts and
balances. Here youcanmake transfers betweenaccounts, viewpending
transactions andevencheck your securemessages.
In theAccountsmenu, select
4 | If anyof your account namesare shownwithanasterisk, there isat least
onepending transaction in that account.
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