StockYards Bank & Trust Personal Online Banking eGuide - page 8

Account Overview
1 | Click any of the menu items to expand or collapse each drop-down item.
2 | If you have any unread Secure Messages, it will be indicated here.
3 | Hover over the Quick Action Icon next to your account to view a
variety of standard options.
View History:
A quick link to the history of that account.
Account Inquiry:
Send a short message to inquire about a certain account.
Account Details:
View the details of that account.
Transfer From:
A quick transfer from that account.
Transfer To:
A quick transfer to that account.
Print the transaction history of that account.
Account Overview will provide you with a quick view of your accounts and
balances. Here you can make a quick transfer between accounts, view pending
transactions and even check your secure messages.
In the Accounts menu, select
4 | If any of your account names are shown in red with an asterisk, there is at least
one pending transaction in that account.
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