StockYards Bank & Trust Personal Online Banking eGuide - page 9

Account History
Online Banking allows you to conveniently access a history of your account
transactions, always keeping you in the know with your account balances.
To begin, double-click the account name you wish to view from the Account
Overview page. You may also select View History from the Quick Action Icon.
Quickly switch between accounts by selecting an account from the Account
drop-down menu and click Submit.
In the Accounts menu, select
1 | Quickly expand or collapse the Pending or Posted sections by clicking on the
2 | Change the way you view your Account History from the options available in the Search
drop-down menu. You may also search for transactions by check number, date, amount
or even description!
3 | View check images by clicking on the
Magnifying Glass Icon
4 | Want to export your Account History? Click the Display drop-down menu and select
. Then select your export format (spreadsheet, Quicken
, Quickbooks
, etc.)
and click
. Prefer to print? Simply click the printer icon!
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