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Trust Administration

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Our Call Center can be reached at:
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How will you maintain the financial security you’ve worked hard to attain if something happens to you?

Wealth Management & Trust provides a comprehensive range of trust services to ensure the highly successful accumulation, preservation, and transfer of wealth-for individuals, closely held businesses, estates, and beneficiaries.  We will manage your financial assets such as savings accounts, stocks and bonds that are placed in the trust.  We can also administer your real estate management, privately owned businesses and other property types as your corporate trustee.

Wealth Management & Trust offers a broad array of trust solutions in four main categories:

  • Trust Under Will (“Testamentary Trust”) – Establishes a trust-or multiple trusts for your beneficiaries at the time of your death.

  • Revocable Trust- Often the most effective strategy for avoiding probate and protecting your financial privacy.  Unlike a will, a revocable trust isn’t a matter of public record.  If it provides for your trust to continue after your death, the assets in the trust at your death will escape probate.

  • Asset Protection Trust- Designed to minimize the impact of estate taxes on your trust.  Wealth protection trusts include life insurance trusts, marital trusts, and qualified domestic trusts.

  • Charitable Trust – Designed to fulfill your philanthropic wishes while providing you with significant tax benefits.

Our Wealth Advisors have the expertise, the time, the resources, and a philosophy that puts you first.  We maintain consistent and direct contact to exceed your service expectations.  In coordination with your attorney, tax, or other financial advisors, we will provide you with the guidance and advisory services to assure your financial security.

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