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Insurance Planning

To lean more about our services, review your current insurance policies or  schedule a no cost, no obligation meeting, please call:

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Our Call Center can be reached at:
(502) 582-2571 or (800) 625-9066

We listen to your goals, needs and concerns so that we can provide you solutions that give you control and flexibility in your financial life. A large part of the planning process includes identifying what could go wrong or jeopardize your financial success and security.

As part of our financial planning process, we can help you answer key questions regarding your insurance planning. Wealth Management & Trust has partnered with various insurance experts in the areas of life, disability and long term care insurance. We have access to many of the industry leaders and top quality insurance carriers.

We are independent and objective in our insurance analysis for clients. We are also a strong advocate of the team approach and will work closely with existing advisors. This allows us to provide comprehensive insurance solutions unique to your financial and estate planning needs.

By looking at your current financial picture, we will help you answers questions such as…

What is my need for insurance?

You may have a need for insurance if you:

  • have a spouse
  • have children who depend on you
  • have an aging parent or disabled relative who depends on you
  • have another loved one you wish to provide for
  • want to build a cash reserve that can help pay for big-ticket items such as a child’s college education
  • have business or estate planning needs that life insurance can satisfy
  • haven’t saved enough through your retirement plan or other savings to protect your family’s standard of living in the future

Other questions you may have:

  • How much insurance do I need?
  • What type of insurance (term, universal life, whole life) is best for me?
  • How will I most efficiently pay for the insurance?

We can help answer all of these questions, review your current insurance policies and develop a customized insurance program to meet your needs. 


Stock Yards Bank and Trust Company and its affiliates and the directors, officers, employees, and agents of Stock Yards Bank and Trust Company and its affiliates (collectively “SYB”) are not permitted to give legal or tax advice.  While SYB can assist clients in the areas of estate and financial planning, only an attorney can draft legal documents, provide legal services and give legal advice.  Clients of SYB should consult with their legal and tax advisors prior to entering into any financial transaction or estate plan.  Because it cannot provide legal services or give legal advice, SYB’s services or advice relating to “estate planning” are limited to (i) financial planning, multi-generational wealth planning, investment strategy, (ii) management of trust assets, investment management and trust administration, and (iii) working with client’s legal and tax advisors in the implementation of an estate plan.

Insurance products and services are offered through Stock Yards Bank and Trust Company, a licensed insurance agency.

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