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Private Banking Credit Card

Are you ready to live adventurously and get rewarded for it?

Look no further than the Stock Yards Bank Private Banking Visa Credit Card. This card offers a secure, flexible, and convenient payment option for all your purchases. With 1% back on every purchase, every day, you'll be rewarded for every dollar spent. And the best part? There's no annual fee. Enjoy the finer things in life with our exclusive Visa Credit Card for Private Banking Clients.

Stock Yards Bank Private Banking Visa Card
  • Earn 1% back on every purchase, every day*
  • 0% Intro APR for the first six billing cycles on purchases when a purchase is made within the first 90 days the Account is open**
  • 0% Intro APR on the first six billing cycles on balance transfers**
  • No annual fee
  • Dovly Uplift™
  • NortonLifeLock™
  • Roadside Dispatch®

Reach out to your Private Banker for more information.

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No one can prevent all identity theft, so staying informed and knowing what to do when your identity is threatened can give you greater peace of mind. ID Navigator Powered by NortonLifeLock™ provides you with the tools to help keep you informed of potential threats to your identity so you can act quickly should the unexpected happen.

Roadside Dispatch®

Roadside Dispatch is a pay-per-use roadside assistance program. The program provides you with security and convenience wherever your travels take you. No membership or pre-enrollment is required. No annual dues. No limit on usage.

Dovly Uplift

Dovly is the first smart credit engine designed to help raise cardholder’s credit score. With Dovly’s proprietary algorithm, it takes just seconds to help fix, maintain, and manage their credit online. It is fully automated, meaning Dovly can help without members having to submit any paperwork. Dovly’s engine uses a proprietary algorithm to generate optimal results. All members need to do is select the inaccurate items they want Dovly to dispute, and Dovly will handle the rest. While Dovly’s platform is designed to remove inaccuracies from your credit report, every case is different, and not everyone will achieve the same results.

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Cardholder Customer Service

Email us at creditcard@syb.com
Call us at 800-313-3685

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*Rewards: Customer will earn 1% back in the form of a statement credit on net purchase (purchase minus any credits or returns) only. Purchases do not include balance transfers, cash advances, ATM transactions, convenience checks, disputed or unauthorized purchases/fraudulent transactions, Card account fees and finance charges. Your account must be open and in good standing (i.e. not cancelled, delinquent, terminated, over the limit, lost or otherwise not available for your use) prior to redemption. Rewards expire 36 months from the date posted to your Rewards account. Redeeming Rewards Statement Credit - Minimum request of $25 up to the total Rewards account balance at the time you redeem. Your statement credit will post to your account within 5 business days and will appear on your next statement after it is posted. The credit is applied to the overall balance on the account, which means that you must still make the monthly Minimum Payment Due. Statement credits may not be canceled or returned. Rewards Terms and Conditions are available at UChoose Rewards online account profile.

**Introductory APR: 0% Intro APR for the first six billing cycles on purchases when a purchase is made within the first 90 days the Account is open. 0% Intro APR on the first six billing cycles on balance transfers. After the introductory period ends, the standard purchase APR will be applied to unpaid introductory balances, new purchases, and new balance transfers. How We Will Calculate Your Variable APRs: We calculate variable APRs by adding a margin to the highest U.S. Prime Rate (the “Index”) published in the Money Rates section of The Wall Street Journal (“WSJ”) on the 10th day of each month. If the 10th falls on a day the WSJ does not publish, we will identify the Index on the last publishing day preceding the 10th day of the month. Any change in the APR that results from a change in the Index will become effective on the first day of the month following the date the WSJ published the related change in the Index. The APR may increase or decrease each month if the Prime Rate changes. Any new rate will be applied as of the first day of your billing cycle during which the Index has changed. If the APR increases, you will pay a higher interest charge and may pay a higher minimum payment. The Prime Rate is simply a reference index and is not the lowest interest rate available. If The WSJ stops publishing the Prime Rate, we will select a similar reference rate. Loss of Introductory APR: We may end your introductory APR if you are late in paying your required Minimum Payment. Offer for new card members only. Subject to credit approval. Terms and conditions subject to change. For additional cost information, view the cardholder agreement. Prime Rate: The new Annual Percentage Rate will be applied to any outstanding balance on the Account as of the first day of the billing cycle in which the new Annual Percentage Rate becomes effective. Prime Rate is 8.50% as of 07/27/2023. We add 12.49% to the Index to determine the Purchase and Balance Transfer APR (Maximum APR 24.00%). We add 19.99% to the Index to determine the Cash Advance APR (Maximum APR 24.00%).