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Loan Payment Options

Need to pay your Stock Yards Bank loan from your deposit account at another bank?

We now offer multiple options for making your Stock Yards Bank monthly loan payment from your account at another bank. Get credit for your payment on the date the payment is made—no need to wait until the call center opens up. See all of your options below.

Low-cost options:

  • No-Fee Online option:  Go to Registered Loan Payments. After registering online, make your payments with ease via ACH (automated clearing house). This option is your easiest option for electronic delivery of your payment—just a few clicks to pay your monthly loan payment. There is no fee if you register.

  • Pay by U.S. Mail option:  As always, just mail in your check with the monthly statement. Please use the address on your statement for fast processing.

  • In the neighborhood option:  As always, if you're in the neighborhood, drop by one of our convenient neighborhood locations with your monthly loan payment in hand. We'd be glad to help you!

I'll pay $9 for the convenience options:

  • Online option:  Go to Guest Loan Payments. No need to be registered; just provide your loan number and other identifying information as requested and make your payment via ACH or Debit Card ($9 for the online "guest" convenience)
  • Pay by phone option:  As always, call (502) 582-2571 or (800) 625-9066 and make your monthly loan payment over the phone (there is a $9 fee for this convenience)

Best option of all:

Open a deposit account at Stock Yards Bank, where I know I will get the best customer service and pay my monthly loan with ease. Learn more about our checking accounts here