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Business Savings & Investing

You're always looking for ways to make the most of your company's money. A savings account is a fantastic way to set some cash aside and let it gain interest.
If you want to put money away to use in your future business while having enough capital for your daily operations, a Business Savings Account could be the perfect solution.

The Perfect Way to Save

Rather than letting your earnings gather dust, secure them in a savings account and watch your money grow without more effort. Stock Yards Bank offers a Business Savings Account designed to help your company save for future endeavors. This savings account requires only $50 to open without any need for a minimum daily balance.

This savings plan allows you to store money and earn interest with the ability to withdraw from your account up to three times per month for free. Every additional withdrawal over the limit has a $2 fee. Whether you want to save for tax payments or prepare for your business's future, our Business Savings Account can help you get started.

Various Business Savings Accounts to Fit Your Needs

At Stock Yards Bank, our mission revolves around providing personalized services that fit your operations seamlessly. This mission has led to designing a complete line of services you can depend on. Our extensive list of business savings and investing accounts includes: 

  • Business Money Market: Earn interest with a minimum balance requirement
  • Money Market Sweep: Enjoy round-the-clock access to your account while collecting interest from competitive rates and consolidating your earnings. 
  • Certificates of Deposit (CDs): Earn quarterly compounding interest on a lump sum of money with guaranteed rates over a designated term, often between 30 days and five years.

Stock Yards Bank is a Financial Partner Who Cares

We started from humble beginnings, financing transactions within the livestock industry. We have since grown into a nationally recognized organization known for our compassionate services. While our operations extend through dozens of branches across three states, our dedication to helping local businesses achieve their financial goals remains. This commitment drives us to offer the support and advice you expect from a trusted partner.

Our organization would be nothing without the people we work with. Our expert banking professionals are passionate about our work. Each possesses years of experience, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to approach and manage various situations. They strive to transform the way we bank — creating a pleasant experience you can enjoy.

Request to Open Your Savings Account Today

Stock Yards Bank is an industry leader devoted to designing custom banking solutions for our clients. Our team is ready to help you open a Business Savings Account in Kentucky, Indiana, or Ohio, providing the resources you need to prepare for the future.

Our Stock Yards Bank team can't wait for you to get started. You can contact us to learn more or open your Business Savings Accounts today!


Description An easy way to start a Savings Plan An account that earns interest with a minimum balance requirement The Money Market Sweep Account allows you the flexibility of daily access to your funds while paying interest on invested balances Certificates of Deposit offer an alternative way to manage deposits with a fixed rate for a specific period of time Withdraw full balance & interest any time after first six days of funding without penalty
Monthly Fee None $10.00 (if balance falls below $1,000) For more information, please contact our Treasury Management Group: (502) 625-9977 None None
Other Fees Three (3) free withdrawals per month; $2 per withdrawal thereafter None For more information, please contact our Treasury Management Group at (502) 625-9977 Early withdrawal penalties apply Withdrawals during first six days of account opening subject to minimum legal penalty required by law
Earns Interest?
Minimum Amount
To Open
$50 $1,000 $0 $500 $10,000
Minimum Daily Balance None $1,000 None N/A N/A