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Fixed Income: Q4 2022

January 26, 2023 Wealth management

Written by Brian S. Stivers It was an unprecedented year for bond markets as the Federal Reserve raised interest rates +4.25% during 2022-underscored by four consecutive +0.75% hikes between June and November. That response and the very high level of inflation rates were both not seen since the early 1980’s. Entering 2022, the Fed and market …

Q1 2023 Market Outlook

January 25, 2023

Written by John M. Fidler 2022 marked a brutal year for investors, as all major asset classes fell significantly. With inflation and interest rates rising aggressively across the globe, there were few places for investors to hide. How rare is it for virtually all asset classes to perform this poorly? Extremely. Depending on which market …

Start Your Journey to Financial Independence

January 5, 2023 Personal finances

If you are like many people, you have a lot of competing goals when it comes to spending your paycheck.  Covering daily living expenses, paying off your house, saving for your kid’s college, making your car payment – balancing all of these financial needs can be tough.  But don’t neglect one of the most important financial goals: planning …

What Being a Community Banker Means to Me

November 22, 2022 Community banking

We’d like to proudly congratulate our very own Ja Hillebrand for being recognized as one of this year’s Most Admired CEOs by Louisville Business First. Ja has always had a passion for the communities we serve – take a look at his perspective on what it means to be a community banker. I’ve known the importance of relationship-building and …

Holiday Budgeting Tips: How to Plan Ahead for Seasonal Savings

November 18, 2022 Personal finances

Fall begins the busiest time of the year for many of us as we enter the blur that is the upcoming holiday season.  This can be stressful, but planning ahead will allow for more time to focus on what’s most important – time with your loved ones. Don’t miss these budgeting tips to plan ahead and save for the holidays. …